Adult Groups

Laser Tag Corporate


  • Team Building
  • Ice Breaking
  • Staff Party
  • Management vs. Everyone else

Why not plan an early evening event before heading into town? We will organise you into groups (accounts vs marketing?!) and show you exactly how to play. You'll be surprised who might be Top Gun! Just get a group of 10-50 together and we’ll do the rest. Now you finally have an excuse to shoot the boss!

Please look at our Exclusive Hire page for prices.

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Laser Tag Students


  • Social Gathering
  • Wednesday Specials
  • Society outings
  • Big Night Out
  • Birthday Parties! No, we’re not’re never too old to have a party at Quasar.

Lucky you! Not only are you studying at one of the best uni's in the country – you’re just round the corner from one of the largest laser game adventure centres in the UK, too! We know you work hard and deserve a break.....that’s why we’re offering our Wednesday Special from 2-6pm for just £10 for as many games as we can fit in. No Laser Game Soc to join? Why not set one up – we’ll help you every step of the way. Just £8.00 for two games, Mon-Fri. Like our Facebook page to receive regular updates: special prices, events and job opportunities. P.S. Become a Quasar Student Scout and earn free games! Contact us now to find out how.

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