About Us

Some 20 years ago we opened the very first Laser Game site in Nottingham. We're pleased to say that since then packs have become much more manageable and lighter to accommodate younger players. With all our experience we feel that Quasar Elite Nottingham offers the very best in laser game experiences. Our massive three floor playing arena offers plenty of scope for larger groups whilst new technology dictates that we can offer plenty of different game formats for you and your teams.

We've always been pretty fussy about customer service. In our minds, the experience doesn't just involve the game - you have to feel comfortable, safe and welcome, too. Our downloadable Risk Assessment shows you exactly how seriously we take care of our players. There are three main rules: no running, no contact, no climbing. Our uniformed marshalls will stress these rules throughout the pre-game briefing and we are very strict about players adhering to these - anyone who we feel might spoil the game for other players will immediately be withdrawn from the game.

For larger groups we are always happy for accompanying adults to be included in games with younger players - at no extra charge.

About Quasar